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Welcome to 
"Out of the Woodwork"
*At Long last, the videos have begun to be edited.  the First one has been posted on YouTube.  Also new websites to check out:  www.rickunderhillwoodwork.com & www.rickunderhilldigitalimaging.com
 Stay tuned for a Webinar Series & Membership site to share skills and current projects.  All Pro level with instruction for Beginners and intermediates.
This site is dedicated to the art & craft of Fine Woodwork.
Design, materials, tools, and techniques will be compared and demonstrated with the emphasis on fabrication in the small shop setting.
 Rick plans to visit and interview the top creative woodworkers in their own shops.  

So if you are a cutting edge pro or company, contact us to begin a dialog about your work and how we might share your vision with our audience. 
If woodwork is your passion, novice or Pro, benefit from my experience.  Let me help bump up your game, and your projects will gain in sophistication and simple elegance.
"The Passion and enjoyment of creating high quality furnishings crafted of wood is contagious"
Rick Underhill, your host of "Out of the Woodwork" will share his unique woodworking skill sets with the viewers as he demonstrates and discusses his approach to the entire process of working wood.  He will share his experience during the fabrication of actual ongoing projects or while he describes a process from one of his past projects (see portfolio). 
"It is an absolute blast to build beautiful objects"
Woodworkers, Novice to Pros:​

Check out the Woodworking Educational Blogs & Videos on Minimalist high end woodworking techniques; Project design, processes, and installation; Wood Specie selection with grain design.  Interviews with the top pros in various woodworking industries.
"We'll meet other woodworkers who will share their particular brand of woodworking in their shops"
A special thanks to all the grumpy Master craftsmen that I was privileged to work with during the last thirty-five years. You demonstrated a mastery of the craft that inspired me to showcase the natural beauty of wood in my work.  
"Join me as I work and I'll show you how I build my projects; design through fabrication and finishing"  

Who will benefit from regular visits to Out of the Woodwork?

Architects & Designers:
  • AWI Standards for all woodwork typical.
  • Resource for High End woodworkers with the ability to bring innovative designs to life.
  • Real life info on construction techniques and materials from the pros who make it happen.
  • On-going blog for questions to the pro woodworking community.
  • A central source for info from the myriad of woodworking industries that here-to-fore has not been available from one source.

Pros and Advanced Amateurs, (folks who make dust every day):
  • Examination of techniques used by Architectural Millwork, Trade Show Exhibits, Museum Displays, Furniture construction, etc.
  • Learn Exhibit and display construction techniques.
  • A pro level blog on all the various aspects of the trades.
  • Pro AutoCad drawings of my projects. 
  • Slide Shows w/narration and videos on tricks of the trade and on going projects.
  • A showcase for your current contemporary woodwork.

Home woodworkers and amateurs:
  • High End Fine Woodwork techniques and design that combine commercial and traditional woodworking modified to the scale of the small woodshop.
  • Instructional videos and slide shows demonstrating the processes of creating furniture and furnishings for personal use or clients.
  • Blog dialog with the pro community for questions and solutions to particular construction issues.
  • Exposure to some of the best worldclass woodwork and woodworkers on the planet.

Wood Afficianados:
  • Wood, wood, and more beautiful wood.​
  • Graceful, elegant, and tasteful designs executed with panache and sophistication.  
  • Source for unique and custom built furniture and furnishings.

The Mountain Lifestyle in Blue Ridge, GA
(among my other passions)

Mountain biking: 
  • A long term health choice.
  • De-stress with aerobic exercise and clean mountain air.
  • (Get your gear at Mike Palmeri's Cartecay River Bike Shop in Ellijay, GA.)

  • The seeking of "found" Beauty.
  • ​De-stress with quiet contemplation. 
  • Enjoyment of the natural world around us.
  • Finally obtained some Pro video and Photography Gear.
  • Working on the content now.

  • Every woodworker needs the proper fuel to create.
  • By popular demand; this Mountain "Woodie's" Cookbook is in process.​
  • Soon ya'll will be able to try my mouth-watering dishes.

  • Appreciation for the "wild" creatures and places of our planet.
  • Thankfulness for the domesticated friends that share our lives.
  • Wonder at the mechanisms of our universe.

© J. Rick Underhill
© J. Rick Underhill
© J. Rick Underhill
© J. Rick Underhill
© J. Rick Underhill

Construction Photos/Videos

Out of the Woodwork Blog
© J. Rick Underhill
© J. Rick Underhill
"Out of the Woodwork"
Videos and Slide Shows
© J. Rick Underhill
© J. Rick Underhill
Front View of nightstands and Headboard prior to attaching
Nightstands prior to being bolted to Headboard

Fabrication milled with a 10" contractor's saw,  a 12" compound miter saw, and 1-1/2 hp router.

Plans & project slide show w/narration on Services page

​Under construction

​Under Construction

Strings will address everything wood and then some.

To be driven by you, the Woodwork community.

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"Integrating Commercial Woodwork techniques with Traditional Joinery in the small workshop"

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Headboard doors